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Muium Women Fashion Sandals, Ladies Bohemia Beaded Mid Heeled Sandals Casual Roma Wedges Shoes Black Muium Women Fashion Sandals, Ladies Bohemia Beaded Mid Heeled Sandals Casual Roma Wedges Shoes Black Muium Women Fashion Sandals, Ladies Bohemia Beaded Mid Heeled Sandals Casual Roma Wedges Shoes Black Muium Women Fashion Sandals, Ladies Bohemia Beaded Mid Heeled Sandals Casual Roma Wedges Shoes Black Muium Women Fashion Sandals, Ladies Bohemia Beaded Mid Heeled Sandals Casual Roma Wedges Shoes Black
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#7 Georgia State University-Perimeter College
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Founded in 1964 as DeKalb College by the citizens of DeKalb County, the school was acquired by the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia in 1986. In 1997 it was renamed Georgia Perimeter College, and in 2016 it was consolidated into Georgia State University, making it the largest institution in the state. Georgia Perimeter College provides online Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in Science degrees, and Associate in Applied Science degrees in subjects such as English, political science, computer science, health studies, psychology, social work, and more. Annual tuition is $4,050 .

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#8 Atlanta Technical College
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Established in 1945, the Atlanta Technical College ispart of the Technical College System of Georgia. The college offers severalonline associate degrees through its eCampus. Available online degree programs include associate degreesin accounting, business technology, and marketing management.Before starting classes, online students are encouraged to participate in Atlanta Technical College's online orientation to help prepare them for their degree programs. The school also gives all online students access to an online tutoring service and the Georgia Library Learning Online System, a library system with access to a wide variety of academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.Tuition for an online Associate in Marketing Management is an affordable cost of $4,102 per year.

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#9 Cowley County Community College
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While its central campus is found in Arkansas City, Kansas, Cowley County Community College has several other locations across the stateas well as an online college. Cowley County CC offers over 30 degrees that can be completed online, which include Associate of Arts degrees in everything from accounting to history, an Associate of Scienceincomputer science, Associate of Applied Science degreesin fields such as medical transcription and business administration, and various Associate of General Studies programs. Most courses are asynchronous, meaning they don't require online attendance at specific times. Tuitionfor online associate programs is $112 per credit.

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#10 ANDAY Womens Casual Cool Rivet PU Leather Sneakers Flats Sports Shoes with Side Zip Black NY4nV7U
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Shoreline Community Collegewas founded in 1964 and is located just north of Seattle, Washington. This college offers 14 onlineassociate degrees in subjects such as business, accounting, criminal justice, health information technology, and psychology, amongothers.Those who live nearby can take advantage of in-person information sessions where students can learn tips for distance learning and get an overview of Canvas, SCC's learning management system. Distance students also have access to free online tutoring services through the Western eTutoring Consortium. The annual tuition costfor associate degrees starts at $4,257 .

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People often show me pictures they've taken of indian pipes, proudly displaying their photographic fungal acumen. Imagine their surprise when I tell them that it's actually not a mushroom , but a unique organism known as the "ghost plant".

it's actually not a mushroom

That's right, a plant! I used to think they were mushrooms too. Yet these beautiful ghosts are actually perennial plants that lack chlorophyll, a feature that gives them their pale white color.

Although not a mushroom, I felt indian pipes deserved their own page to clear up some of the confusion about these crazy perennials. We'll start with some basic ghost plant facts, and then look at some of their unique features such as how they feed themselves and why they're cheaters.

Now you may be wondering how a plant with no chlorophyll survives. Read on to learn more!

Getting to Know the Ghost Plant

What's a ghost plant to do when it contains no chlorophyll and gets very little sunlight? You steal energy from others! With this process:

We were taught in school that all plants contain chlorophyll, a green pigment critical for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the chemical process that uses energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into necessary sugars, allowing the plant to feed.

Very simply, with chlorophyll and sunlight a plant can produce what it needs to nourish itself.

Yet there are some glorious exceptions to this rule. Indian pipes are known as myco-heterotrophs, which are plants that get their food by parasitizing other fungi instead of through photosynthesis. It does this by linking its roots with the mycelia of a fungus.

Once it's connected to the underground threads of a fungus, it can interrupt the flow of nutrients and feed itself. It gives nothing back to the fungus in this exchange, and takes what it needs to survive.

In most cases, the fungus itself also has a mycorrhizal relationship with a tree. A mycorrhizal relationship is a beneficial exchange where mycelia of a fungus connects to the roots of a tree. The fungus gets access to nutrients such as sugars from the tree, and in return it widens the tree's root system. This allows the tree to take in more water and nutrients.

Yet the ghost plant doesn't parasitize just any mushroom. It prefers those from the Russulaceae family, which include the Russula and Lactarius genus. The next time you see these white plants be sure to look around the area. Do you see any Russula or Lactarius mushrooms nearby?

Myco-heterotrophs are sometimes called "mycorrhizal cheaters", meaning they form what looks like a mycorrhizal relationship but give nothing back. In this case the indian pipe steals from both the plant and the tree. Making it, like your brother in law who raids your fridge and leaves nothing in return, a true parasite.

based on the deep morphosyntactic and semantic analysis

In addition, the rules incorporate advanced expressions (regular, proximity, logical operators) and macros that multiply their expressiveness. The advantage is that instead of basing the rules on literal forms of the terms we can base them on the function and meaning of the expressions . In this way, an optimal trade-off between simplicity (abstraction) and power in the creation of categorization models can be achieved.

instead of basing the rules on literal forms of the terms we can base them on the function and meaning of the expressions


The scenarios that can benefit from a detailed and precise categorization are innumerable, among them:

Content categorization

Classifies with great detail and precision all types of content (e.g., web pages, news) to be able to retrieve them, navigate them, and relate them better or insert targeted advertising.

Deep understanding of documents

Discover the topic and subtopic structure of a complex document (contract, financial report) to have a map of its meaning and to be able to focus subsequent analyses (e.g., extraction of terms in contract clauses).

Analysis of the Voice of the Customer

analyze the unstructured feedback generated by customers in surveys, contact centers, or social media to discover their needs, perceptions, and preferences. Available as a Jeannot Juna Pink Cross Strap Embellished Chunky Mules Pink Fabric f18sFS1D

Analysis of the Voice of the Employee

Manage talent more efficiently in your organization by discovering the opinions, desires, and skills that your employees express in performance assessments, surveys, or interviews. Available as a MeaningCloud Vertical Pack .

Advantages of the Deep Categorization API

Deep Categorization offers great advantages over other more traditional classification technologies:


It categorizes at the snippet level, discovering the thematic structure of a document, for example, to identify the clauses and passages of a contract that have to do with a certain topic.


Based on semantic rules, you can increase accuracy and recall to levels that are unattainable with other technologies, simply by adding focused rules.

Dynamic categories

Personal dictionaries can be used to define entities and concepts in certain semantic classes (e.g., brands) that are dynamically used in the rules that define the categories.


It justifies the assignment of the categories to the snippets, showing the expressions that have triggered the corresponding rules, and provides confidence metrics.

For short texts and complex documents

The rule-based technology provides good results both in texts with few words and in documents with multiple sections.

Predefined models

Use the API immediately taking advantage of its pre-prepared categorization models, such as those for the analysis of the Voice of the Customer or the Voice of the Employee included in MeaningCloud Vertical Packs .

Customizable (coming soon)

Use our tools for rule creation and validation to easily build models that are fully adapted to your scenario.

Does not require exhaustive training corpus

Unlike other technologies, semantic rules allow the development of models without the need for an extensive training set, with no more than an abstract understanding of the categories.


Currently available in 6 languages ​​and soon in many more.

When to use Deep Categorization instead of Text Classification?

The Text Classification API offers a perfectly viable alternative when it comes to categorizing contents according to a predefined taxonomy, especially when you have training texts that serve to feed its machine learning technology. However, there are scenarios for which we recommend using Deep Categorization:



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